About us

Technobiz is a software development and technology company with a team of experience staff for creating white label software, cloud-based payment processing systems, transaction management tools, and other financial technology software for payment service providers, acquiring banks, and other types of payment businesses

About us

Created to meet businesses’ financial payment needs

We started Technobiz because we knew there was room for innovation with global payments solutions. With 5 years’ experience in payment software industry, we remain driven by a simple goal – to simplify the way local businesses connect with global customers by connecting them through smart borderless payment technology.

A Fintech Loving Team

Our team is dedicated to creating and delivering world-class fintech software solutions, helping businesses serve their customers. Wе know whо wе аrе аnd whеrе wе are hеаding. Wе аrе ореnlу fanatical with customer еxреriеnсе аnd believe thаt this соmеѕ frоm within.

Geography of solutions