White Label Payment Software

Are you in search for a secure and robust payment gateway provider who can handle heavy transactions 24/7, 365 days of the year? If yes, look no further.


Manage cash, cards & digital wallets in one place

Our state-of-the-art white label payment software comes fully-loaded with numerous integrations that support a variety of business needs. Reach out to us to learn more about our payment platform and to see a demo.

A one-stop-spot for your customers’ payment and billing needs

Need a gateway that becomes your customers’ go-to-platform for bill payments? Our white label payment software supports hundreds of offline and online merchants, with new third-party service providers being integrated into our system every day.

Now your customers can easily:

Use points from their brand loyalty programs when making payments.

Transfer money from their bank accounts to the payment wallet.

Redeem their offline and online vouchers & codes during checkout.

Pay their mobile and utilities bills.

Receive refunds.

Advanced security features to protect your customers

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a 100% safe and secure payment portal to our offline and online merchants. We employ cutting-edge anti-fraud technology that prevents malicious or suspicious users from continuing with payment.

We regularly implement velocity checks to identify any transaction irregularities and correct them immediately.

6 reasons to choose our white label payment software

Easy account creation and onboarding, completed within minutes
Friendly transfer rules your customers will appreciate.
Fully-scalable platform that can be customized to the needs of your growing company.
Device-responsive software to ensure ease-of-use.
Seamless payment routing system to facilitate quick transactions and prevent churn.
24/7 Support to help customers manage and track payments and receipts.

Be responsive to your customer’s pressing needs

Customers’ payment needs change with time and your site visitors may want a more responsive payment management system to complete their transactions. Our real time and offline transaction reporting system gives you deep-dive reports on platform usage and attrition. You’ll be able to understand your customers’ payment usage behaviours and take the necessary steps to ensure a seamless transaction experience.